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PH focuses on developing and maintaining a diverse portfolio of services. Through our companies and our client-focused strategy, we are proud to say that we are an added value to the digital market nationally and worldwide.

In 2002 PROMEX.ME was launched, with the focus on web designing and software development, we were able to build a basic foundation in the market. But with the change and shift in the perspective of the digital market; we were challenged to expand and stretch to suit the new market’s requirements. IN 2013, we relaunched our new services under GAMING.ME, which it’s been a solid proof that we fit effortlessly in the digital/ E-amusement zone and compatible with changing the vision of E-market.

Recently and with the vision of our CEO, PH expanded to approach the market in a different way. With the fact that nightlife is flourishing in Lebanon; UTURN was made to join this celebration. ATWORK was the first step; with time it gave us the suitable experience to create relevant software to control the risk management of business entities.

Now with the aim to grow more, with our solution-oriented and dedicated team, and 24/7 support, we look forward to new projects.

We question assumptions, think deeply & create solutions; simply we do our utmost to build the best service possible that facilitate the future.
Putting people first, that is our goal and only then we strive to make financial intelligence pay off.

We look further than the sophisticated investments driven via banks, we believe that all great success stories were ideas that has been built outside the box, this is why we always look at possibilities from a different view.

We do not believe in the impossible, we believe its possible, so we make it happen .. one project at a time.

We constantly strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything we do, we take creativity to a new level; our focus is to transform your thought into an action plan, our motivation is to serve your purpose; our studies use data-driven analysis to upgrade our performance.

We are authentic, our main foundation is trust, partners, and colleagues with our customers; we share findings and information, and maintain client confidentiality at all times. Our references are evidence-based; our research is conducted in good conscience and without biases.

The single constant in life is CHANGE. We always welcome original ideas, everything that defies the conventional theories is our goal, and we thrive with challenges that serve our mission. We try to stay up to the minute in our market needs.

With 15 years of experience, with the teamwork mindset, clear goal setting, guidance, and leadership, we are humbled to say that we are the one of the best in our field. Our passion is all the motivation needed to go on. The unfamiliar path is our only route.


Diverse Managed Businesses … A Safer Investment

 With our diverse portfolio of businesses we keep our investors safe and proud.
Our portfolio of products has been safe for long, yielding a minimum of 18% per year and an average of 24%.
Investing with us is safe and guaranteed and insured up to 90% of capital.

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Contacts feedback & Ideas are the lifeblood of our business.


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Sofia, Bulgaria


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WeFund / WeBrilliant   AKA “Angel investment” was our initiative of giving back to our community.
We always believed that a lot of great ideas are delayed under the process of raising capital.

We welcome challenging projects, a motivational step for talents and our team.

We support talents by creating a suitable environment to embrace their ideas and respect it.
This project is a win-win situation, on contrary of banks no interest rate applicable, no opening file fees, and no hefty research documents.
We trust that such opportunity is a huge motive to inspire talents.

Simply we adopt your risky ideas.


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